There’s been a lot of criticism about the new League of Legends champion Seraphine.

From her (now reworked) seemingly-genocidal involvement with the Brackern, to critiques of the parasocial advertising that her Twitter and other social media have employed, she’s not without her fair share of controversy.

My problem with Seraphine is much more personal. My problem with her is that I think she’s based on me. And not without a pretty good reason — I actually had a brief relationship with a Riot employee last year in early 2019.

We talked for about 3 months, and had only met in…

Jonathan Allen’s article suggested Democrats might make a bigger show out of the hearings.

After the first round of impeachment hearings for President Donald Trump, a reporter with NBC News tweeted out a story that characterized the first of many upcoming impeachment hearings as “substantive” but lacking in “pizazz” or “drama”. That article, and its tucked away implication that Democrats might need to conduct more theatrics in order to win over public opinion, immediately drew hellfire from center-left blue-checked Twitter accounts. …


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