The Problem With Seraphine

Seraphine v. Stephanie — I don’t have any makeup on in this picture, sorry!

I can imagine the knee-jerk reaction.

The short version is that a lot of details about Seraphine line up very closely with facts about myself: her name, her drawings, her cat, a lot of her pictures, her hair color, her eye color, her face shape, and even where she’s from.

That’s Stephanie & Cat on the left, and Seraphine & Cat on the right.

The Full Story

Then, John flat-out told me that he suggested an ‘e-girl’ or ‘awkward’ skin for Ahri to his coworkers that he implied was inspired by me.

Unfortunately, I don’t have our full conversation — I deleted them shortly after we stopped talking in 2019 — but this was when he suggested the skin.

He also suggested I should fly out and voice act for some kind of top secret project, which he didn’t ever reveal, but that he insisted I’d be perfect for.

Art that John gave to me and pictures of my visit to Riot HQ

Introducing: Seraphine

One of the only images of Seraphine from her official Twitter account that has a date was posted and dated on September 19th, the first day she ‘worked’ with K/DA.

That’s Stephanie’s art on the left, (I was deciding to dye my hair pink and drew the options) but I frequently draw myself in this style. Seraphine’s, of course, is on the right.
Pictures from when I knew John (I was actually in the process of bleaching my hair white to go pink)

OK, maybe she could be based off you — so what?

Seraphine and Stephanie, Santa Monica Beach

Conclusions/What’s Next?

tx for reading bye ❤




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